Orange Blossom Cake

Our patroness – Irene Bartz, who attended the Girl’s Trade School in 1938 or so – was a prodigious recipe collector. I spent a couple days scanning the entire book due to its increasing fragility. Each time I handled it, another piece seemed to fall off. So, I made the decision to scan everything and … Continue reading

Miracle Icing

  This recipe is similar to a boiled icing recipe I have seen in the past. I am still a bit squeamish at the raw egg white, although I know plenty of people have eaten this icing to no ill effect. Miracle Icing 1 cup sugar 1 egg white 1/4 tsp cream of tartar 1/2 … Continue reading

Large Cake

  Although this doesn’t say so, this is a recipe for frosting. It seems it would benefit from some flavoring, maybe vanilla, and you could easily add any food coloring you like. Large Cake (frosting) 1 box powdered sugar 8 Tbs Crisco 1/4 c water Whip until fluffy

Chocolate Frosting

This is a boiled frosting recipe. I am not experienced enough of a cake maker to know the benefit of boiling versus a cold frosting. Perhaps someone in the know can share with the group. Chocolate Frosting 6 Tbs milk 6 Tbs butter 1 1/2 c sugar Bring to a boil. Boil for 30 seconds. … Continue reading


There are many ways to make bad frosting. Too much or not enough sugar, no vanilla, raw eggs, etc. A personal dislike of mine is almond flavored frosting. Just, no. Frostings 1 cup Crisco 4 cups Pd sugar 3 tbs water 1 tsp vanilla Dash salt Mix well