Fruit Cocktail Cake (Marilyn Clark)

I’m not really sure what this one would be like. Fruit cocktail is good. Cake is good. But together? I also wonder if the fruit should be left chunky, or since fruit cocktail fruit pieces are relatively soft if they should be blended. The recipe isn’t clear there. What would you do? I think I’d … Continue reading

Devil’s Food Cake

  As discussed on a previous post, Devil’s Food Cake is considered the yin to Angel Food Cake’s yang (or the yang to the yin, heh). Where Angel Food is light and airy, Devil’s Food is dark and rich. After reading this recipe and comparing with my previous research, I have come to the conclusion … Continue reading

Quick’n Easy Spice Cakes

I have to admit I do like spice cake. It’s just different from the standard chocolate and white cake, but it can be “spiced up” or left as just cake with cream cheese icing. This recipe calls for dates or raisins, but you could leave them out, substitute nuts, whatever you like. These are made … Continue reading

Jelly Cake

This recipe for jelly cake is quite similar to the previous one for a Swiss roll, in that the cakes are spread with jelly rather than icing. It sounds delicious. Jelly Cake Put into a basin 2 teacupful flour rub into this 2 oz butter with a pinch salt. Put into another basin the yolkes … Continue reading

Sour Milk layer Cake (Mrs Brooke Ritter)

At the end of the little booklet several of the pages were tucked in because they must have previously fallen out or been accidentally torn out. This is one that came from the back, but might have been closer to the front. Not sure. If you try this recipe, common sense tells us to combine … Continue reading