Hamburg Sauce for 2# Meat

This sauce is like a barbecue sauce and would definitely be good on hamburger or any other sort of beef I think. Even though it doesn’t say what to do with all the ingredients, my instinct is that you would combine all and simmer for a bit, or you would add directly to your two … Continue reading

Pepper Sauce, Made

Since I have nothing better to do with my Sunday evenings (I jest), last night I decided to make the pepper sauce recipe that was featured earlier this week. The idea came on sort of spur of the moment as I was in the grocery store and saw all the lovely rich reds and greens … Continue reading

Ida’s Chocolate Sauce

Here we have a second recipe for chocolate sauce. Where the first recipe was pretty much a “throw it together and use it” sauce, this one requires a little bit of time for cooking. It sounds delicious and I love Gram’s notes to herself. They are visual an easy to reconcile. I have no idea … Continue reading

Cranberry Sauce

I have always wondered how to make my own cranberry sauce. I don’t really love the “can shaped” jellied cranberries that come around every Thanksgiving, so I might try this next fall. Cranberry Sauce 1 qt cranberries 1 pt water 2 cups sugar Boil until cranberries pop, place in jelly jars hot & cover with … Continue reading

Pepper Sauce

Here’s a pepper sauce that is reminiscent of a barbeque sauce. Cousin Anne is a tough one to nail down. Gram had an Aunt Anne and even a great-grandmother Anne. Unfortunately our records don’t include the children of her nine aunts and uncles. On the other side, Grandpa George’s side there are no Anne’s that … Continue reading