Chili (New York Times)

  We love chili at my house. I bake a small cornbread while the chili is bubbling and serve together, sometimes with honey butter. Yum. There are many varieties of chili, spawning the infamous chili cookoffs around the country. We prefer our chili mild, and I myself despise kidney beans so I use black beans … Continue reading

Chili (Mary Jo Higgins)

This recipe was written inside a notecard and from years of use the notecard has torn in half at the fold and been taped back together. It has obviously been well used and loved. FYI, a #2 1/2 can is approximately 3 1/2 cups volume, or 27-29 ounces. The #2 can is 2 1/2 cups, … Continue reading

Helen Egan Chili

Remember I said that recipes were the original social networking? Well, Jane Kelley’s recipe cards just prove that for me. She has recipes from Helen Egan, Herb Grenda, Alice and her cheesecake, B. Williams and her cold soup…