Italian Cheesecake, made

Quite some time ago, I posted a recipe called Italian Cheesecake. At the time, I thought it sounded really good and that maybe I would try it someday. This past weekend was the time, and I tried it! It was very easy, not a difficult process at all, and the result is really lovely. The … Continue reading

Marbled Cheesecake

This cheesecake recipe sort of defeats the purpose of making cheesecake, in that it is made with low fat or light ingredients! However, if you love cheesecake but can’t eat or don’t want to eat the fat, you could lighten it up by using low fat, light or other lighter ingredients. What we give up … Continue reading

Italian Cheesecake

Another recipe that takes more than one card but I think this one is due to the cook’s handwriting more than it being a laborious process. I have never made a cheesecake because I have heard they are labor intensive. A good friend of mine makes THE best cheesecake and I don’t think I could … Continue reading

Alice’s Cheese Cake

This is another of Jane’s recipes that she had multiple copies of. She actually had mimeograph copies of this, the type of copy that is on a sort of thermographic paper, slick on one side and with a greyish hue. It was clearly a popular recipe, and even though this card was in one of … Continue reading