Taffy Treats

This is a recipe from PAM! heh. The paper is neon green note paper and it’s a bit large, so please click to enlarge the image to a more readable size. I just didn’t want to offend any eyeballs early in the morning. These taffy treats are a cookie dipped in caramel, similar to the … Continue reading

Caramel Cookies

Some time back, I posted the recipe for Mrs. Owens’ Caramel Cookies. At the time, my friend Jodi thought they sounded great and made them for her family. They raved about them and I made a mental note to make them sooner than later. Fast forward and it’s the last night of my vacation visiting … Continue reading

Caramel Sauce

I don’t recall if we ever had this caramel sauce on ice cream when we visited Gram. The one very special dessert I do remember at her house was spent with my cousins George and Margie, my mother, sister, Gram and Grandpa. We had blueberries and cream and George found a little worm in his … Continue reading