Grape Jelly

Notebook 19


Grape jelly always seemed like the most decadent type of jelly when I was young. There is something really satisfying about it, to me. Some people don’t like it, and as an adult I am more of a cherry preserves girl.

Grape Jelly

Wash and stem grapes

Drain well

Boil grapes – strain

Take 4 cups of juice

Bring juice to a full rolling boil. Take off stove. Add 6 cups of sugar. Mix well. Put in jars.

One thought on “Grape Jelly

  1. My mom made tomato jam, and I think I may have been the only one in the house who enjoyed it. (9 kids, but only 6 of us were still at home.) I want to try and make some, but haven’t found anything resembling hers. What I see looks more like what some would use with cheeses and crackers or bread, or with meats. What I find in specialty stores is close, and is what I’d eat on toast or a bagel.


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