20 Minute Fudge

While I’m not very good at making candy, this might be a little easier. Fudges are basically ingredients, mixed together, then allowed to set. Easier recipes like this were designed for women who – like me – didn’t excel with candy. But this looks easy enough to try. 20 Minute Fudge 1 egg, well beaten … Continue reading


Oh, fudge, the bottom of this page is completely destroyed and unreadable. That’s a bummer! We will never know the recipe for Brown Sugar Candy, and that’s a shame. I am going to tell myself that maple sugar candy is similar and leave it at that, but I’d guess that’s not really the case. A … Continue reading


  Here is another fudge recipe. Candy making is an old and wonderful art form, something I do not excel at, unfortunately. ┬áThis recipe in particular reminds us that candy making originated as a hands-on process. The recipe indicates that it should be stirred for some undefined amount of time, which when you think about … Continue reading

Velvet Fudge

Oh my. This sounds decadent and delicious. I am not much of a candy maker but I might just try this recipe because it sounds so darn good. It might also be a fun project for kids, since kids often like to get their hands all messy. The challenge might just be keeping little ones … Continue reading