An Oh Em Gee Squeee!

I’m always looking for new sources of recipes – antique and curio shops, thrift stores, and of course, eBay. Today I opened a recent eBay purchase and I couldn’t be more excited!! I haven’t even had a chance to count how many recipes there are in these two boxes, but let me tell you, there … Continue reading

Beets with Orange Sauce

  Beets. With a thick orange sauce on them. Yummmm. Or not. I like beets either pickled or roasted. I guess I’m a bit of a beet purist. My folks grew a variety of vegetables when I was growing up and beets were one of them – carrots, chard, spinach, onions, etc. Anyway, my mother … Continue reading

Cocktail party food – Part 2

Let’s fill in your cocktail party menu with some more great recipes! Here’s a party basic that you can alter to your own specifications. Stuffed Eggs 6 hard-cooked eggs 4 tbsp soft butter 3 tbsp mayonnaise 2 tsp minced onion 1 tsp prepared mustard 1/2 tsp garlic salt Dash of cayenne pepper Mayonnaise Parsley sprigs … Continue reading

Rice Pilaf

We continue with another side dish that I just love – rice pilaf. I’ve never really had bad rice pilaf, only poorly made, heh. Most people don’t realize you can make it without the box of Rice A Roni, so here’s a pretty simple recipe that I hope will grace the tables of readers far … Continue reading

Low Cholesterol Pie Crust

If you must – as some do – watch your cholesterol, you could use this recipe for low cholesterol pie crust. I don’t know how it turns out, honestly because I buy pre-made pie crust. Anything involving a rolling pin just turns out terribly for me. It either sticks to the pin and/or board, or … Continue reading