Zucchini Pizza

Two recipes for zucchini pizza with only one variation – the addition of garlic in one of them. This seems like a side dish, maybe in place of a bread or as the veggie to a meal. Have you made something like this? Tell us, please!

Pizza Sandwiches

My guess is this recipe has forgotten to tell you to warm, toast or broil these little sandwiches before serving. You aren’t locked into English muffins if you don’t want to use those. A flatbread, half bagel or any other type of bread product could be used. Pizza Sandwiches 1 pound ham browned Add 1 … Continue reading

Chuck’s Pizza Sausage

I can only guess that the “Chuck” who came up with this pizza sausage recipe is my Uncle Chuck, Gram’s oldest child. Mom can probably shed more light on that. My family recently strayed from our usual of pepperoni and black olive toppings, and have been enjoying sausage and pepperoni on our pizza. The local … Continue reading