Punch Drink

When I first read this, I thought it said “punch drunk” haha. I might have to have been drunk to think of putting lemon koolaid in milk. Yowza, this is probably a sweet and relaxing drink for a summer afternoon, but it’s just not clicking for me. Have you tried it? I’m also unsure what … Continue reading

Ritz Crackers Bar

I have heard tales about Ritz crackers becoming other things – apple pies and candy and cookies, among them, but I never actively tried to make any of them. It sounds so counter intuitive: a salty cracker tasting like an apple pie, for instance. Should you be interested in trying one of these legendary treats, … Continue reading

Texas Sheet Cake

I’m interested in making this because it sounds really delicious. The cake is baked in a large rectangle pan and the icing/topping is put on while the cake is hot, so it must melt into the cake. Yummmm. Texas Sheet Cake 1 cup oleo 1 cup water 4 tablespoons coco 2 cups flour 2 cups … Continue reading

Italian Cake

While this is called a cake, it’s not a traditional cake with icing. It’s more what I think of as European cake, meaning a brownie or single serving piece of cake. The recipe directs you to cut the baked cake into squares when done. And while it calls for walnuts only, you could add chocolate … Continue reading