Cookies (Mrs Weber)

Here’s another real mystery recipe that uses salt & eggs before all other ingredients. I’m not quite sure what to think about this because it seems like a lot of salt and a lot of eggs. What would happen to the eggs if they sat in that much salt?? I’m also taking a guess that … Continue reading

Thumbprint Cookies

Heading down cookie memory lane, here. I used to just love thumbprint cookies, and the various butter cookies that follow a similar recipe. They remind me of Christmas, holidays in general, and those old Hickory Farms catalogs that used to arrive around Halloween. I always wanted *something* from that catalog because the cookies and candies … Continue reading

Chocolate Corn Flake Macaroons

When I think of “macaroons” I think of coconut. Historically, macaroons were made with almond paste, nuts or coconut flakes. There are regional varieties using almond flour, egg whites (like a meringue), and even mashed potatoes. North American macaroons are more generally made with coconut, but you can also find them like this one, with … Continue reading