Recipes inspire memories

Since I started this blog about a month ago, I have been asking my mother a lot of questions about the ingredients, the people who are credited for the recipes, and various family members and relationships. I hope that Mom is enjoying these looks  into the past as much as I am. Since Gram passed … Continue reading

Recipes, the original social networking

When I was working on a new look for this blog, I realized I could add a “tag line,” some kind of catchy description of the blog and what it’s about. As I was thinking about this I tried to put myself into the kitchens of previous generations. They didn’t have computers and the internet … Continue reading

Welcome to Gram’s Recipe Box!

This past weekend my mother asked if I wanted this small white wooden box, which I knew to be a recipe box. My folks have been downsizing in preparation to move to a smaller home, so they are getting rid of everything but the kitchen sink! Anyhow, I thought it was empty and almost said … Continue reading