Little Swiss Quiches

This is the type of recipe I usually avoid because it takes three note cards to write out the instructions. Even drifting onto the back for a sentence or two can scare me off, haha. If there’s too much thinking, forget it. But this one is the type of dish you might serve at a … Continue reading

Taffy Treats

This is a recipe from PAM! heh. The paper is neon green note paper and it’s a bit large, so please click to enlarge the image to a more readable size. I just didn’t want to offend any eyeballs early in the morning. These taffy treats are a cookie dipped in caramel, similar to the … Continue reading

Russian Teas (cookies)

Mmmm, I love these cookies! They are the type you find on a plate at the back of the table at a cocktail party, and the first cookies gone from that plate. They are popular at Christmas time because they look a bit like snowballs. The Russian Tea cookie (or cake) became popular in the … Continue reading

Cocktail party food

There is something really special about the food at cocktail parties. My folks used to have a cocktail party every year and we looked forward to the menu because certain special foods would occasionally make an appearance. Stuffed mushroom caps, a whole smoked salmon, sausage puffs, and cheese blocks were among the favorites. If you … Continue reading

Beverly’s Cranberry Tart

I came across this recipe in the “grandmother’s best” recipe contest I entered last summer. This was submitted by another contestant, and even back then I knew I’d be trying the recipe. Well, I tried the recipe this past weekend – twice! I made two versions of this tart, and set them on my coworkers … Continue reading