Peanut Squares / Mocha Frosting

I am pretty sure these two recipes are supposed to work together. There aren’t actually any peanuts in the top recipe, and the lower one references chopped peanuts, so there you go. They don’t seem to be a peanut butter cookie (which is one of my weaknesses), but are in fact a sugar cookie topped … Continue reading

Choc Icing

These days we don’t use uncooked eggs in icing, it just isn’t done what with all the fears of salmonella and other icky things, but you cannot beat the light and airy texture that can be obtained with an egg. I wouldn’t make this icing simply because of the egg, even with the chocolate being … Continue reading

Bourbon Balls

Bourbon Balls (Gram) 3 cups ground vanilla wafers (one 12 ounce box) 3 teaspoons cocoa 3 teaspoons white Karo 3/8 cup bourbon 1 cup powdered sugar Mix together, press into balls with hands, and roll in powdered sugar.  Makes 3 dozen .  Better if made ahead, so ingredients have time to blend.

Salmon Party Ball (Grammie Hennie)

Mrs. Marvel has asked me to “pitch hit” for a couple postings.  These are from my recipe collection, which are not on recipe cards, but from two printed cookbooks that I have accumulated over the years.  Of course, if I lose the printed copy, or it gets spilled on from too much use, I can … Continue reading

Oatmeal Cookies

Recently site visitor Auburn Meadow Farm pointed out that people used to write on whatever scraps of paper they had around and this is another example of it. Gram used lots of scraps of paper and Gramma A believes it was because of the Depression. They saved and reused everything if it had value of … Continue reading

Pot Pie Dough (Ms. Ferby)

I apologize for my lag in postings, I have had a lot going on lately! I will be putting up a couple more of our Farmer’s Record recipes, and then Gramma A is going to step in for a bit while I am away. Don’t worry, it’s all good, I just need some down time. … Continue reading