Chocolate Corn Flake Macaroons

When I think of “macaroons” I think of coconut. Historically, macaroons were made with almond paste, nuts or coconut flakes. There are regional varieties using almond flour, egg whites (like a meringue), and even mashed potatoes. North American macaroons are more generally made with coconut, but you can also find them like this one, with … Continue reading

Lady Baltimore Filling

This looks like a filling for a cake. I have to say that these days I’m not a big fan of uncooked eggs. I do wonder if pouring the boiled sugar water into the beaten egg would serve to cook it. Lady Baltimore Filling Boil 1 1/2 c sugar with 1 c water for 10 … Continue reading

Chocolate Shape

This recipe from Maggie Ritchey might remind you of one of her previous entries, Corn Flour Shape, but I bet it doesn’t taste all that bad. In fact, I suspect this would taste lovely. It is chocolate, after all. It sounds like a pudding, but not in the traditional sense that it was boiled in … Continue reading

Eggnog Russe

This is a holiday dessert based on the Charlotte Russe dessert invented in the 17th century for Czar Alexander I of Russia. No, it’s not just a clothing store for teens. The traditional Charlotte Russe is made with lady fingers or sponge cake lining a mould, filled with a fruit puree or custard, or alternating … Continue reading

Graham Cracker Dessert

I’m going back to what I’m good at, ha ha. Here is a recipe for graham cracker dessert. At first, I thought it would be a “stack up” which I know was a dessert Gram served. It went like this: alternate a square of graham cracker with a layer of jam or jelly, topping with … Continue reading