Molasses Crinkles

These cookies are a sweet and mellow alternative to chocolate. They are great for shipping overseas and if you bake them a bit under, they stay moist for a long time. The also hold up well in the freezer. Molasses crinkles are a family favorite of ours. Molasses Crinkles 3/4 c shortening 1 cup brown … Continue reading

Lemonade Cookies

These just sound like something you nibble while sitting in the porch swing on a lazy summer day. Sorry I missed a few days. My life sometimes gets away from me and then I realize as I’m falling asleep that I didn’t post a recipe that day. I’m hoping to finish up the cookies section … Continue reading

Butterscotch Cookies

I seem to recall my mother saying that Gram made these every year at Christmas. They certainly look like they would be delicious! My mother grew up in Erie, PA and around Christmas time, it was probably pretty cold in the kitchen over night so leaving the dough to set out would not be a … Continue reading