Chocolate Cake (Mrs Paden)

Day three of the chocolate cake recipes…are you feeling full yet?  :-) Again, I don’t know who Mrs Paden was, but assume a friend from church. This is an unusual recipe, calling for vinegar. Also, I’m not quite sure what she means about “alternate.” If I get around to trying it I will let you … Continue reading

Chocolate Cake (Ethel Ogden)

There can never be too many recipes for chocolate cake, in my opinion. Here’s a nice recipe for chocolate cake from Ethel Ogden. I assume this was a friend from church. Chocolate Cake (Ethel Ogden) 1 tbsp butter – generous 1 cup sugar Cream 1 egg, beat in whole 2 tbsp cocoa –> pinch salt … Continue reading

Devil’s Food Cake

Today we are going to start with some cake recipes. For those of you who thought Devils Food Cake only came from a Betty Crocker box, here is a relatively easy looking cake recipe that probably tastes a whole lot better. It may be a bit labor intensive because there are several steps, but something … Continue reading

Chocolate Upside Down Pudding

Here’s an old school pudding recipe. You could certainly make this with Jello instant pudding, or even Jello “cook for a few minutes” pudding, but why would you when you can make it from scratch? Chocolate Upside Down Pudding (Marnie) 1 c flour 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp B.P. (baking powder) 3/4 c white sugar … Continue reading

Ida’s Chocolate Sauce

Here we have a second recipe for chocolate sauce. Where the first recipe was pretty much a “throw it together and use it” sauce, this one requires a little bit of time for cooking. It sounds delicious and I love Gram’s notes to herself. They are visual an easy to reconcile. I have no idea … Continue reading