Apple Brown Betty

This clipped recipe for Apple Brown Betty harkens back to the 1860s when the recipe was first mentioned in print. A “Betty” is a dessert generally made with a pudding layer, spiced fruit layer and crust layer, and often served with a lemon or creamy topping. Apparently, Apple Brown Betty was a favorite dessert of … Continue reading

Cranberry Apple Relish

I love the combination of cranberry and apple together. The tart cranberry is calmed by the sweetness of the apples, but not so sweet it hurts your mouth. In the past I made my own cranberry apple relish using canned cranberries, but now I know how easy it is to make this from scratch. The … Continue reading

Fresh Apple Cake

Here we have a recipe for fresh apple cake. It sounds a bit like a spice cake, or similar to the applesauce cake I made a while back. I bet it’s really moist and delicious. Fresh Apple Cake (Winnie Meyers) Big Al(uminum) pan 350 – 60 min 2 c sugar 1/2 c margarine Cream 2 … Continue reading

Apple Sauce Cake

Oh yummy, calls for fat! Apple Sauce Cake 1/2 cup fat – use butter or shortening 1 cup light brown sugar