Dandelion Tonic

Several years ago I posted a recipe for dandelion wine, and this sounds somewhat similar. I haven’t tried either one, and frankly I haven’t tried drinking dandelion wine ever. It’s just not something I have come across. This tonic purports to cure “spring fever” but I’m really not sure what that is beyond a need … Continue reading

Ethel’s Fruit Cakes

For the best fruit cakes you need to make them around Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of November for everyone else), and then baste them well with alcohol of some kind. I have always made my great-grandmother’s fruit cake recipe, but the Jackson’s Vanilla Wafer recipe is a very popular one on this site. Add to the … Continue reading

Blackberry Wine Cake

  I realize this is entitled Blackberry Wine Cake but every time I look at the handwriting, I see “Whine” haha. However that may be due to me having a five-year-old. :-) I can’t say that I have tried blackberry wine cake, but it sounds like the kind of thing that is going to come … Continue reading

Dandelion Wine

I have never tried dandelion wine but I have heard it is somewhat comparable to mead (which I do enjoy) and may even have a honey taste. There are many variations to making dandelion wine, some with more citrus, some with more raisins and other dried fruits, so let me qualify this one by saying … Continue reading