Vidalia Onion Casserole

Vidalia onions are fairly young, considering they were first discovered in 1931 during the tough days of the Great Depression. They grow exclusively in Georgia and are named for the town of Vidalia which is located close to the first fields that grew the crop. The onion is sweet because of the low sulphur content … Continue reading

Sukiyaki (Mrs Medowski)

Based on the handwritten notes, this appears to be a recipe handed out for a community function, maybe a church party? The recipe is written out step by step, clearly for people who are unfamiliar with the Japanese nabemono (hot pot) style of cooking. The word sukiyaki translates as suki (spade) and yaki (meat), and … Continue reading

Dutch Honey (Vera Pharis)

I don’t have a recipe card for this one because it was told to me as an anecdote. An old boyfriend was descended from some Sooners. His father’s people had come across the country in a covered wagon, and one of the recipes they brought with them was for Dutch Honey. This recipe was handed … Continue reading

Pickled Onions

Here is another of Gram’s “jotted on a scrap” recipes. The back of this paper is some sort of advertisement for a fire company/fire extinguisher/fire something in Erie, PA. I will probably try this recipe later on this year. Pickling onions are small onions, maybe a bit bigger than pearl onions, tender and come in … Continue reading