Crisp Vegetable Salad

  Here’s a recipe that falls in the “everything’s better with Jello” category, lol. Jello salads were very popular in the 1950s forward and you can find many different recipes in the “Jello” category by clicking the down arrow on the category’s bar. I have to admit I would not look forward to making this … Continue reading

Pepper relish

I have made Cousin Anne’s Pepper Sauce a couple times now and I love the sweet and savory combination of the flavors. It goes well on pork and as a dipping sauce for egg rolls. At the time I made it, I used green and red peppers, e.g. jalapenos. However, this new recipe calls for … Continue reading

Pepper Cheese Bread

Oh boy does this sound good! Although, knowing me, I’d make it with red peppers because they are a little sweeter than the green. Or a combination. Or if you don’t like peppers you could make it with onion, or nothing at all, just the cheese. Mmm, do what you like, that’s what I always … Continue reading

Cobina (Jane Kelley)

This could be a recipe for cobina, or it could be called something completely different. The word “cobina” doesn’t match up to anything, really, except Greek yogurt and actress-turned-socialite, Cobina Wright. Maybe Jane Kelley was inspired by Cobina Wright to create this salad?

Stuffed Green Peppers

We saw stuffed green peppers at the butcher’s counter last night which reminded me of this recipe. I can’t say as I’ve had stuffed peppers because they don’t sound good to me, but clearly they were and continue to be popular. I think if I made stuffed peppers