Spinach & Dill Dip (Donna)

Sometimes, planning for a party is more fun than the actual party turns out, right? I love thinking about the foods, how they will be arranged, staging the preparation, and working on it all even though it stresses me out so much! Here’s a tasty sounding recipe that reminds me of something my sister used … Continue reading

Dog Food (Dr Carter)

This is an interesting recipe with some feeding advice for vintage puppers. I used to make dog food when there was concern about contaminated food coming from China. My dog loved it because of course, it was ground beef! My blend was equal parts ground beef, brown rice and shredded carrots. Our doggo would stand … Continue reading


Here’s an unnamed recipe for what I think might be catsup. Or possible a sauce of some kind. It’s written on the back of scrap paper from a letter or manual that came out of Boeing in Long Beach. ┬áReuse, recycle, after all! If you know what this is, please share in the comments. Catsup? … Continue reading

Such a tease

I just wanted to share that we have literally hundreds of recipes on deck for scanning and sharing! There are Jewish recipes, recipes for liver, tongue and veal, two notebooks filled with handwritten pages of recipes… Plus some fun instructional and commercial books that might be interesting to peruse. Stay tuned for this and more!

A page from home economics, circa 1930

There is quite a lot of information included on these pages concerning cereals. The entries are not about boxes of cereal purchased from a grocery store, but about the actual grains rice, wheat, oats, corn. It’s easy for us to forget that in the early 20th century, while processed cereal was available in the store, … Continue reading