Goose Recipe

  Here is an incredibly vague “recipe” of how to prepare goose. From everything I have read for this post, a goose is either the easiest bird to cook or the most difficult. You do not roast it as you would a turkey or chicken, but maybe you could roast in a similar fashion to … Continue reading

Wild Rabbit

  The recipe can’t be *that old* considering it is on a yellow legal paper, but rabbit is not among the most common meats available these days. It enjoyed a renaissance of sorts in the 1970s as an alternative to chicken. Game meats such as rabbit are often more lean and higher in protein than … Continue reading

Rabbit Pie

Sometimes when you try to describe how to do something, it just doesn’t translate well and the action must be seen to be understood. That is where I am with the description Maggie gives us of how to place the pie crust over this meat pie and further with the leaves. Hopefully it made sense … Continue reading