Cherry Sauce (Mabel Haas)

Well, this brings us to the last recipe from our little Farmer’s Record book. Some of these recipes have been really interesting, some not so much. I hope you read my post about the bread & butter pickles that my daughter and I made a week ago from the recipe in this book. They are delicious!

This recipe for cherry sauce looks like it will produce a nice sauce to serve over ice cream, pork tenderloin, or even lamb. We tend to think of cherries and cherry sauce as a dessert these days, but it is delicious on your filet Mignon, over your baked brie, or spice it up and serve with ham or duck. However you decide to serve it it is a decadent sauce that will enhance your enjoyment of your meal.

Cherry Sauce (Mabel Haas)

1 1/2 cup canned red cherries (juice & fruit)

1 cup sugar

1 tablespoon flour

heat cherries to boiling. Dash of salt, combine sugar, flour & salt.

Add to cherries & cook until slightly thick, stirring well.

Cool and serve.

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