Cranberry Apple Relish

I love the combination of cranberry and apple together. The tart cranberry is calmed by the sweetness of the apples, but not so sweet it hurts your mouth. In the past I made my own cranberry apple relish using canned cranberries, but now I know how easy it is to make this from scratch. The … Continue reading

Rice Pilaf

We continue with another side dish that I just love – rice pilaf. I’ve never really had bad rice pilaf, only poorly made, heh. Most people don’t realize you can make it without the box of Rice A Roni, so here’s a pretty simple recipe that I hope will grace the tables of readers far … Continue reading

Celery Rice

Here’s a nice side dish that sounds really delicious and easy. My mom makes a wild rice with celery and mushrooms, and you could probably make this celery rice with a wild rice mixture as well. Note that although the instructions have you combine the ingredients including the salt, salt is the ingredient that was … Continue reading