Pecan Tassies

I had to look up what a tassie is because I had never heard of it, and they sound really wonderful! The tassie is actually a little tart with a soft or gooey filling, and can be made with nuts, lemon, cherry, or other fillings. They look a bit like mini quiches once finished. I … Continue reading

Pecan Pie

I have made this recipe and it is decadent. Even better, I made it with fresh pecans that a friend gave me from her tree. My dad unwittingly shelled and snacked on some of them one evening while we watched TV. There is something magical about fresh food items versus prepackaged and OLD food. Even … Continue reading

Caramel Cookies

Some time back, I posted the recipe for Mrs. Owens’ Caramel Cookies. At the time, my friend Jodi thought they sounded great and made them for her family. They raved about them and I made a mental note to make them sooner than later. Fast forward and it’s the last night of my vacation visiting … Continue reading