Chicken Cacciatore (Mary Lou Yanosik)

Chicken cacciatore is traditionally made with onions, herbs, tomatoes and wine. Many recipes include peppers and garlic, sometimes mushrooms. This particular recipe includes all of the above. The style is called “hunter style” I can only assume because hunters would have these types of herbs and spices somewhat available to them. Furthermore, there is a … Continue reading

Stuffed Shells

  Here’s another recipe for stuffed shells. It’s not terribly vintage because it uses name brand items, but the handwriting is appealing all the same. Recipes often times are written by train of thought and don’t always follow exact steps. This is one of those. After you stuff the shells but before you lay them … Continue reading

Easy Lasagna

I definitely like it when “easy” is part of the name of a recipe! Lasagna is always good too. I recently had my 20-something cousin and the rest of my family over for dinner and made a lasagna dish. While most of us enjoyed 1 or even a 2nd serving of the lasagna, my cousin … Continue reading