White Fruit Cake

This sounds a bit like a sponge cake with the large amount of egg whites, and a bit like a fruit cake with the citron, pineapple and candied cherries. In contrast to winter fruit cakes, this recipe calls for no cinnamon, nutmeg or clove. It also uses the egg whites and baking powder for a … Continue reading

Xmas. Fruit Cake.

Although this is really a Christmas recipe, it happens to kick off the new little brown box I found recently. The recipe is very similar to Grannie Marvel’s recipe, so I’m pretty sure it’s good! The recipe does not indicate how to bake the fruit cake, which would likely be at 350 for 40 minutes … Continue reading

Old-Time Fruit Cake

I don’t know the exact date of this recipe, but some other recipes that were with it were from the 50’s so it’s a good guess at the vintage. The blurb at the top says “Here’s a moist and tasty beauty designed especially for today’s families and their appetites. It slices easily and tastes better … Continue reading

Jackson’s Vanilla Wafer Fruit Cake

Here we have a new recipe author, who I will call Mrs. Wilson. She lived in Louisiana and was associated with the medical profession. That’s about all I know about her, but her recipes look pretty good! This fruit cake reminds me a bit of the one Gram made from graham cracker crumbs.

Harmless Fruit Cake plus Rum Sauce Recipe

This recipe for “harmless” fruit cake simply lacks any alcohol, which as we’ve previously discussed burns off and leaves only the flavor behind. It does include a rum sauce at the end, so perhaps it isn’t the flavor of alcohol that was being avoided? Also, note that it says to use “2 small loaf pans” … Continue reading