Dutch Honey (Vera Pharis)

I don’t have a recipe card for this one because it was told to me as an anecdote. An old boyfriend was descended from some Sooners. His father’s people had come across the country in a covered wagon, and one of the recipes they brought with them was for Dutch Honey. This recipe was handed … Continue reading

Pepper Sauce, Made

Since I have nothing better to do with my Sunday evenings (I jest), last night I decided to make the pepper sauce recipe that was featured earlier this week. The idea came on sort of spur of the moment as I was in the grocery store and saw all the lovely rich reds and greens … Continue reading

Dill Pickles (Hot)

This is very similar to Mernie’s pickle recipe from yesterday but it calls for hot peppers. I assume one would use chili peppers similar to these.  Depending on the intensity of the flavor you want, you could go with a spicier hot pepper. Interesting side note about peppers – the chemicals in peppers bind to … Continue reading