Molasses Crinkles

These cookies are a sweet and mellow alternative to chocolate. They are great for shipping overseas and if you bake them a bit under, they stay moist for a long time. The also hold up well in the freezer. Molasses crinkles are a family favorite of ours. Molasses Crinkles 3/4 c shortening 1 cup brown … Continue reading

Molasses Cookies

We call these cookies Molasses Crinkles, and we make them all year round, but most often at the holidays. I think because they are like a spice/gingerbread cookie, they suit the autumn and winter months quite well. They are delicious – especially warm out of the oven. Yum! Also, here’s a reminder that I have … Continue reading

Vanilla Drop Cookies

As we are preparing for Thanksgiving here in America, often we bake cookies, cakes and pies. The traditional feast really kicks off the holiday baking and making in my house. On the weekend after Thanksgiving I plan to make my fruit cakes, possibly some molasses crinkles, and at least plan out what I will bake … Continue reading

Frosted Chewies (Gramma A)

I’ve been baking for more Christmas gifts. SPOILER ALERT if you know of someone who likes cookies, has everything, and recently moved to an apartment, stop reading now if you don’t want to spoil the surprise! :-) So, I’ve been baking because I have one person on my list who is sometimes really easy to … Continue reading