More German

If you didn’t see on my recent post An Incomplete Gift, site reader Sarah Hasker translated all the vintage German writing and gave us some really interesting information about it as well. Since Sarah seemed interested, I have been inspired to scan the rest of this lovely but damaged little booklet. Over the next few posts I will add the pages and hopefully our dear reader will wander by to do some translation.


Today, one of the painted folk art pictures. This picture is actually the second page of the book, backing up to the Introduction page.

An angel oversees a mouse threading a Christmas ornament. So sweet, and the writer of the book was really quite gifted. I wonder if she used it in parts of her life. Let’s hope her family was able to enjoy her art at least. Next, a recipe for….something…Haselnussschnitters? You can see where she sketched in her drawings so she could write out the recipes, I’m sure fully intending to go back and paint over them before presenting the book as a Christmas gift. It would have been darling had it been finished.

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