Potato Salad, and an apology

  I really have no excuse but a bit of overextension in my regular life, so I apologize for not posting the past few weeks. I’m going to be scanning a ton of great recipe cards over the next few days and should have some interesting recipes for your perusal on a more regular basis. … Continue reading

Potato Pudding

I’m not completely sure what to think about this, except that it’s more like hash browns than pudding. Or possibly similar to twice baked potatoes. I believe this would be served as a side dish in place of mashed potatoes. Potato Pudding 3 large potatoes, peeled & grated 2 med onions grated 2 eggs whole … Continue reading

Potato Salad

  Potato salad seems like one of those things you shouldn’t be able to screw up, but there are some versions that are just not good. Many folks don’t even like potato salad. They think it is weird to eat chunks of cold potatoes, or dislike mayonnaise, or some other reason. I don’t mind it … Continue reading

Boiled Potatoes

Along with the recipe for boiled green vegetables, I never really thought I’d need a recipe to boil potatoes. This is something my mom did with some regularity as we were growing up, but I guess if a person had never ventured into the kitchen, a quick and dirty on how to boil potatoes is … Continue reading

Raised Doughnuts

Dough nuts don’t seem like they would be especially difficult to make at home, just make up the dough and fry them in hot grease. Like making french fries. Oh, my mother used to make us french fries cooked in hot bacon grease, to die for!! Anyway, raised doughnuts (dough nuts, donuts) call for yeast … Continue reading

Patato Pancakes

Maybe it’s just the sloppy handwriting, but I always love it when recipe names are somewhat vernacular and homely, as this one appears. Patato Pancakes, heh. My mother made potato pancakes a couple times when we were kids, from mashed potatoes and we topped them with applesauce (a more German way to eat them). Depending … Continue reading

French Dressing (Mrs Shoemaker)

I remember Gram used to tell a story about a real Shoemaker and the Elves, but I can’t remember the details any longer. Maybe Auntie Kat remembers? It was a true story and maybe involved red boots. ??? I was reminded of that story because this recipe was provided by Mrs Shoemaker, whoever she may … Continue reading