Cherry Sauce (Mabel Haas)

Well, this brings us to the last recipe from our little Farmer’s Record book. Some of these recipes have been really interesting, some not so much. I hope you read my post about the bread & butter pickles that my daughter and I made a week ago from the recipe in this book. They are … Continue reading

1-2-3 Pastry

No tedious sifting, friends, just dip a dry (did you hear that? DRY!) nested measuring cup into the bag of flour. What’s that? You need several cups of flour and would like to use something other than a dry nested measuring cup? I don’t know…Betty, what say you? Betty? Are you there? First question, who … Continue reading

Brandied Fruit

This is a progressive recipe, in that you make it over several weeks. I imagine that you would need quite a large jar to accommodate adding the fruit over time. The recipe also says to not refrigerate this, but I would at the bare minimum keep it stored in a cool place, like my garage … Continue reading

Overnight Salad #2

Here’s another recipe for an overnight salad. I assume these are overnight salads because they taste better if the ingredients sit together and chill in the refrigerator for a while. Royal Anne cherries are a sweet variety of cherries, generally used to make maraschino cherries (which I love). The most common brand I have found … Continue reading

Cherry Pie

This pie recipe is written on a bank deposit slip. It’s a little hard to decipher and it looks as though Gram wrote it in a hurry. I’m not clear on the process but could probably figure it out after a few tries. My guess is that “p juice” might be pineapple juice. The recipe … Continue reading