Meatballs (?)

An untitled recipe for some sort of ball of meat or roll. I am calling it meatballs for lack of a better name. Morton’s Tender Quick is a curing agent, not a meat tenderizer, generally used to cure meats such as salami and corned beef. I’m not really sure what these may really be! UPDATE: … Continue reading

Meat Balls

Make up a batch of meatballs, place on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once solid, place them in freezer storage bags. Take out a few when needed and add to spaghetti sauce, soups, etc. Meat Balls 2 pounds ground beef 1 c sour cream 1 pkg dry onion soup mix 1 1/2 c bread crumbs … Continue reading

Chili (New York Times)

  We love chili at my house. I bake a small cornbread while the chili is bubbling and serve together, sometimes with honey butter. Yum. There are many varieties of chili, spawning the infamous chili cookoffs around the country. We prefer our chili mild, and I myself despise kidney beans so I use black beans … Continue reading

Gravy Soup, not very gravy-like

Still being in my soup mood, I thought it would be nice to try Gravy Soup, which was posted a few recipes back. Considering the name, I thought this would be a thicker, gravy or stew like soup. With this in mind, I set out my ingredients. I hope you will forgive the image quality … Continue reading

Gravy Soup

Although this is called gravy soup, I do wonder if it is more like stew. I assume where she says to “prepare a carrot…” etc that she means to chop or slice the vegetables and to finely chop the herbs. Also, she’s left out a word where it says “…a few cloves…” and I take … Continue reading

Meat and Cabbage aka Sarmas

Here we have a simple sounding dish which my mother called cabbage roll ups and this cook called meat and cabbage. It is very similar to the Armenian sarmas which my friend one year made me for my birthday. So delicious! Sarmas and dolmas are similar, being a little roll of filling surrounded by a … Continue reading

No Peek Beef Casserole

This is not a great old standard, but a new standard which is so simple.  You will see that the recipe calls for 2 pounds of stew beef, but it makes so much sauce that you can easily put a third pound into the mix.  Then there will be some left over for the freezer … Continue reading